Ribarska Koliba

A restaurant with a history in Pula

About us
Ribarska Koliba has been a unique historical site in Istria for more than 120 years.
In its walls the famous Tito hosted his magnificent dinners for the Arsenal officers, politicians held crucial meetings, music and film celebrities threw parties after their performances. And now this restaurant with delicious food located in one of the best seaside venues in Pula is open to all visitors who want to be at the heart of history.

Here you'll find an ocean of flavors: fish and seafood straight from the fish pier; natural bread, olive oil and meat from the best local suppliers selected and lovingly prepared by our Chef. And of course you will drink great wine from the region and worldwide rekniwn vineyards carefully selected by our sommelier. You will enjoy and appreciate this atmosphere embracing the beautiful legacy and history of this symbolic place.

When you look around, you will find apart from gastronomic treasures – a unique collection of art objects, works of Ferdinand Kulmer, Edo Murtić, Franco Prosperi, Gualtiero Mocenni, Marat Morik and other artists and sculptors. These artworks are like real pearls that open to the attentive eye. And of course, you cannot miss the Triumph Spitfire, a legendary vintage car from the 1970s parked in the heart of Ribarska Koliba.
Enjoy the irresistible fusion of the Mediterranean and fishing tradition in Pula.
Our Michelin-recommended Restaurant Ribarska Koliba will enchant you with its authentic atmosphere and culinary excellence. Choose from freshly caught seafood, prepared with love and creativity by our talented team of chefs. Surrender to the rich flavors and aromas that only the Mediterranean can offer.

Settle comfortably by the coast, with the sounds of waves, and indulge in a unique experience that will captivate you from the first bite.Inhale the intoxicating aromas, savor the lavish flavors, and immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of the Mediterranean. Our restaurant is an oasis where tradition and freshness meet with artistic passion. Welcome to a paradise for gourmet explorers and lovers of excellent cuisine. Welcome to our Michelin-recommended Restaurant Ribarska Koliba - a culinary oasis you will forever cherish."
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Tel.: +385 91 600 1269

Ribarska Koliba Resort • Verudela 3, 52100. Pula (Croatia)